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Group Tours

The Mobile Medical Museum offers group tours for parties of 10 or more at a cost of $5 per person. Adult tours are typically an hour long. We also work with K-12 educators to develop age-appropriate, curriculum-based STEM tours that are engaging and participatory, at a cost of $7/student.

Educators may select from the following tour options, or contact our staff to customize a tour experience that is best suited to your needs and goals.

Tour focus

anatomy and physiology

infectious disease, vaccination, and ecological health

colonial medicine

race, gender and health care

Sample hands-on activities

Create an illustrated herbal

What's it like to have low vision?

Assemble the skeleton

Testing pH levels in gardening and healthcare

Strawberry DNA extraction

Dissecting flowers

Sample tour plans

elementary school tour

high school tour

To schedule a tour or learn more information, please contact Daryn Glassbrook, Executive Director, at (251) 415-1109 /

Please note that there is a late cancellation fee of $50 per tour session for any cancellation within one week of the scheduled date. 

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