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About Our Collections

As part of its cultural and educational mission, the Mobile Medical Museum collects and preserves artifacts and archives relating to local and world medical history. The Museum's collection includes more than 5,000 objects spanning over 300 years of history.

The Museum accepts donated artifacts and archival materials. All donations must be reviewed and approved by the Museum's Collections Advisory Committee.


























Our collecting priorities include:

  • Recent history (1960s through the present)

  • Catholic hospitals and religious nursing orders

  • Mental health

  • Non-European medicine

  • Gross anatomy


 We are no longer accepting:

  • Doctor's and nurse's medical bags

  • Medicine bottles

  • Large-scale equipment

  • Nursing caps and capes

More information about how we manage new acquisitions, incoming and outgoing loans, reproduction rights, and deaccessioning can be found in the Museum's Collections Policy, which was adapted by the Board of Trustees in 2017. 

If you would like us to consider your donation, please contact us at (251) 415-1109 or

Collections Policy
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